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Miroil Filter Bags for All Uses

Miroil's washable and reusable range of filter bags have long been regarded as the superior quality frying oil filtration medium available worldwide in providing efficient and safe filtering.

Miroil's Filters can be used either with or without a filtering machine and improve the performance of all portable and built-in filtration systems.

Manufactured from polyethylene polymer and conforming to Chapter 21 of the US Code for Food Safe and Compatible Materials, unlike paper filters, which can leak chemicals into the oil, no similar effect has been detected in rigorous testing of this material.

Apart from the cost benefits of using Miroil 's, washable and reusable filters compared with paper, they also provide for greater filter area for oil flow and oil can be filtered at bath water temperature. Cleaning only requires hot water with a non-detergent spray after use.


Standard Miroil reusable filter bags are available in the following sizes.
Other sizes are available on request.

EZ Flow Pre Filters for hand and machine filtering
Filter Ref. RB6P FM1812B MRB3PS D44
Length mm 275 400 275 237
Width mm 256 225 187 275
Depth rnm 187 212 150 197
Frame BF1A FM919 BF2A DF3A
Suit Machine Moffat Frymaster DOM40 Hand
Oil Polishing Filters
Filter Ref. RB5F RB22FS RB333 SKIM4 CONE2
Length mm 275 275 250 175 175
Width mm 225 225 225 187 237
Depth rnm 187 150 150 150 237
Suit Machine         Hand